Friday, 26 July 2013

Girl power in the office

Christine,Velma and Rose
Our brilliant administrator Auntie Rose is Mama's right hand woman.
All the time Mama has been in the UK, Rose has spoken to her most days and, working with Uncle Billy, has ensured that everything has been managed just as Mama would do it.
Happily ,Rose will soon be a Mama herself - she is now 32 weeks pregnant and will be taking maternity leave.
Fortunately, Mama will be back very soon but decided extra help is needed to cope with the administrative demands of running such a big concern.
Auntie Velma has been with us for sometime now and has her own responsibilities, so Mama asked Rose to employ an additional office assistant who could be trained in Happy House practice before Rose goes off. 
Christine Karwitha Muchai is our new member of staff and is on three months trial. 
Auntie Rose said:  "I think girl power is coming more powerful at the Happy House.
Christine Karwitha Muchai is 23 year old and stays locally at Timboni. She has done accounts but was interested to work with children. She is enjoying being in our family 
" The Happy House is really a special place whereby nobody can explain what it is that makes it unique."
Mama has really empowered our female staff. Rose  has been working with her since Sue's efforts were concentrated on developing the schools and when that work was complete and she moved on to open the Happy House it was natural that Rose should become a key member of staff. Thanks to Mama Rose has blossomed from a timid office assistant to a dedicated, efficient and respected manager.
Auntie Rose said:  "I think girl power is coming more powerful at the Happy House. I believe there is a reason why  God wanted me to work here to  look after the children.
'' I have learnt a lot  with Mama being my role model and always encouraging me when I face a difficult situation saying that  I can do it. 
"And  she is right. Yes, I can do .
"Having Mama always being my  support and proud of me in anything I do is why I have come so far."
Welcome to the Happy House Christine ... you have come to a very special job in a very special place with a Mama.