Thursday, 18 July 2013

Mama's pride ...and her joy!

The winning streak goes on for our Happy House kids with the little ones who triumphed in the recent cluster schools' Music Festival, going on to compete and win the zone heat.
Now, at the final district level of the competition, at Gede, they have come out on op top in singing and verse.
Every success, be it a small individual personal achievement or a big group win like this one, is celebrated and enjoyed by all our family. 
How very proud all her children make their Mama ... the person whose foresight is opening so many doors for children for whom there would have been little opportunity in life, if any.
This is a letter Mama sent home this week, opening with her signature greeting:
"Happy House Kidz!
Hello everyone, this is Mama.
How is everyone?
I know you will all be  very fine and happy, just as I want you to be.I am writing this letter to you all to tell you how very proud Papa and I are of each and every one one of you, and how much we love and miss you all.You Happy House Kidz, are now entering competitions with other schools and winning all the prizes, you little people are making Mama's dream come true.
Papa and I are so very proud of you all. You truly are a loving family of brothers and sisters, taking care of each other, working together and believing you can all help each other to be better than the best. Some of you are good at reading, some at maths and now you have your work groups to help each other to  achieve good marks. That is what a family is all about helping each other, working together.

Not everyone will be top of the class all I ever ask of any of you is to be the best that YOU can be. If you know inside yourself that YOU have really tried hard and what YOU have achieved is your best that is good enough for your Mama.
A long time ago before I built the Happy House, I had no land and no money, all I had was a dream inside my head of building a beautiful home for children. 
A place where children would be safe, happy, and well cared for.  A place that would be for a very special family, where every child would be truly loved.
  In my dream the children who came to live at the Happy House  would hold their heads high and be proud to say 'I'm a Happy House Kid'. That is why you all have the t shirts that say just that. 
Also in my dream I saw children who would believe that if they work hard they can achieve great things in this world, that they can be better than the best.
 Look what I have done by working hard and truly believing that I could and would build a Happy House.
As you grow and go through life, don't want  ever think that anyone is better than you, but in the same way, do not ever think that you are better than others that you meet. 
It does not matter what clothes you wear, what job you do, or how much money you have in the bank, what matters is how you live your life and how you are towards other people. Always be honest, loving, kind, caring and sharing.
 Each of us came into this world with nothing, and we will all leave it the same way. Papa and  I are counting the days until we will all be together again, 59 days. 
They will soon pass if we all keep busy.
 Don't and forget you have a BIG party to organise !
I cannot tell you enough times how much  Mama  Papa love and miss you .
Lots of love hugs and kisses,Mama and Papa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx''