Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Happy House path to a bright career

Uncle Hemed came to us as a trainee social worker on work experience in 2011.
In the months he spent volunteering alongside our own very special Uncle Billy, Hemed learnt so much about more than he could ever learn at a college desk.
He learnt about children, how they think, react and trust, and the many ways in which life's troubles and heartaches bring them into care of a children's home.
He ploughed through a mountain of information and advice provided from the Down's Syndrome Association to put together a programme of exercises for our little David - and we all know the remarkable difference they have made.
With such wonderful mentors as Mama and Uncle Billy, Hemed grew in confidence and capability as he got to understand the unique ways of our Happy House and was truly touched by its magic.
When it was time for him to return to his studies, we were sad to see him go, and he was sad to be leaving the family he had grown to love and become such a part of.
This year, having qualified as a social worker he asked to return as a volunteer whilst looking for a job, and slotted right back in, working alongside Uncle Billy.
Now thanks to Mama, Hemed is leaving us to start work as social worker at another children's home.
The director there, looking for recommendations, emailed Mama to ask if she knew anyone and she had no hesitation in recommending Hemed for an interview. By the end of the week the job was his.
Mama and all the family are thrilled for him. "He is the first of our family going out into the world," she says "taking the Happy House ways with him.
"I have always wanted us to be a flagship for the ways children should be cared for, for exceptional child-focused practice, and Hemed will take that with him into his new job and wherever his career leads him in the future.
"I was thrilled when the director emailed me to tell me she was offering him the job. She said she couldn't get better than a recommendation from the Happy House."
Here Hemed gives an insight into the Happy House influence:
I am very delighted to say, blessed was the first day I set my foot in the Happy House!
I feel honoured being part of this family and it shall for eternity be in my heart.
For sure, the first impression I got in the first days of my volunteer work was very unique and I knew I am at the BEST PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.

All the staff were very interactive and friendly and a pleasure to work with. I did my volunteer work for four good months back in 2011 and the support I got from Mama Sue &;Papa Dave, Uncle Billy and Aunt Rose was very special and it enriched my skills towards my career, blessings are to them!
I did learn a lot from Uncle Billy whom without any prejudice I can say  is a perfect social worker and a hero in this field to me!
 He taught me more than I anticipated and for sure he will leave a permanent mark in my career. I owe my gratitude to him.
Also to mention the kids, how charming and lovely they are! The day I bid them farewell to go back to college, I felt like shedding tears because I couldn’t imagine how much I would miss them. 
For sure Happy House is more than a home to me!
I also owe my gratitude to Mama Sue and Papa Dave how grateful parents they are to the whole family.
Hemed  and his greatest mentors, Mama and Billy
 Despite Mama Sue being sick, her heart is always in the Happy House family and this is proved through their routine communication with us and the special consideration they give to this family.  I pray for Mama Sue’s quick recovery as we all miss her here.
I have currently volunteered here for a period of one and a half months now and as always blessings shower my life whenever I am in this family.
Thanks Mama for recommending me for the new job as a social worker in Mtwapa and your contributions in my life shall last forever.
 For sure, I didn’t anticipate this and I’m overwhelmed up with emotions. I’m very grateful of you Mama Sue and Uncle Billy.
I am looking forward to work in my new home and I believe they will be like Happy House. I shall never hesitate to network with you whenever I can.
And lastly, to all the other members of this family  I really appreciate your contribution.
Thanks again and again!
Lots of love and Hugs to you all,
Uncle Hemed