Friday, 5 July 2013

Fab Friends indeed

 A summer evening spent in the company of Fab Friends raised a total of £135 for our Happy house family.
Ali Soliel is the founder of the Fab Friends Network - a self-development and motivational network of women with groups across the UK.
Ali and her Fab Friends are in our Maria's sponsor family.
 Ali tells us::
"What an beautiful evening we shared at Chutney’s in High Wycombe .  Fab Friends Network member Charlotte Sharman organised a fabulous Indian meal for members and their friends.  We shared the news about our sponsor child Maria and all agreed what an incredible home the Happy House provides for young people. 
 We considered the love, the care, the growth of the Happy House ‘family’ and the logistical challenges that are faced by Mama Sue and her team.
  We admired the exceptional work that this involves from such amazing souls both in Kenya and here in the UK.  
Our evening gave us an opportunity to raise some funds, whilst catching up, and celebrating the Happy House!  We’re looking forward to the next fundraising event”
The evening raised £85, with another £50 raised from a raffle held yesterday.
Pictured top: Ali (third from left) and friends and, right, Charlotte (in red).