Sunday, 7 July 2013

Kitchen helper and Happy House love by Musyoka

As you will have gathered from previous junior bloggers, our Happy House kids just love helping around their home and especially in the kitchen! 
Today's blog is by Musyoka who is growing up to be a lovely and helpful boy.
" I hope you are fine and well. I  just  want  to  tell  you  about  the  kitchen  we  are  doing  well 
We are helping  Uncle Josphat in the kitchen and Uncle Baya
In  the  kitchen  I  love  helping   so  much,   I  love  the  Happy House
I am so happy to be at the Happy House
You help me very well and I eat very well.
I sleep and I play. We love mama so much and we miss her and Papa also . We know she loves and misses us.''