Monday, 1 July 2013

In the swing

Nothing ever goes to waste at the Happy House ... Mama Sue and her team see to that.
So when we had some bits of scrap metal, that were of no use to us, Mama did a deal with the local metalworker who has supplied all the wrought iron gates and screens around our building.
In return for the bits of metal, she asked him to make and deliver this lovely swing for our younger children, so now they can have fun on a swing ... just like their big brothers and sisters.
The older ones, however, have old tyres on ropes tied into the trees which they absolutely love them.
The little ones have wasted no time in putting the new swings into action ..  here Happy, Melis and Sudi are pictured having a lovely time.
And on the tyre swings are Hope (above)  and Oscar (left)..