Sunday, 21 July 2013

Thank you RotaKids ... from Margaret

Margaret is writing today's blog. She, like each one of our children, received a friendship card from one of the children who attended Rotary International's first RotaKids conference, organised by District 1190, at Lancaster recently. 
The cards were parceled up by Janet Simpson, who organised the workshop with Sandra Foulkes and Irene Pollitt, and sent to our children who were absolutely thrilled when there was one for everyone.  This blog is a thank you to all the RotaKids (and organisers):
"Hello everyone at the RotaKids!. I hope you are all fine and well. We have received the letters you send to us.They are really, really, wonderful. Thank you for the wonderful letters. You are very good in making them. We are very proud you all. We have enjoyed reading them. And we have also make for you all. Thank you Jill, Sarah, Lauren, and the all the rest of you all.  Best wishes and hugs from Margaret and the Happy House Kids."