Friday, 29 March 2013

Twins leave our care

Twins Deborah and Florence are no longer in our care having returned to their mother.
She is a single mother of eight children, and once relieved of caring for the twins, her youngest, was able to return to work selling bananas.
When she came to take back her girls she told our social worker Uncle Billy that an Italian family she knows have offered to take on all her financial responsibilities to enable her to be a full time mother to all her children and to be reunited with the twins.
As Deborah and Florence had not yet been committed to our care through the courts, we had no choice but to hand them over.
 Uncle Billy would have been happier to have kept them here for a while so that we could see that the arrangement between the mother and her benefactors was working out.  But his hands were tied.
The Happy House family is here and should anything go wrong, Deborah and Florence, who were thriving in our care, will always find a home with us.
We hope that will not be necessary and that all goes well for all the children, but we are here,with our loving safety net, should they need it.