Monday, 25 March 2013

Armfuls of love

Auntie Libby
  There was a lovely welcome awaiting Elizabeth, Auntie Libby to the family, when she arrived at the Happy house on Saturday.
Brenda and Red
With her were old friends Brenda and Red Groves who sponsor Charity and who do so much to help our children.
The children were thrilled to see them all, but the utter excitement that bubbles up when their Mama and Papa come home wasn't there.
 They are disappointed that Mama and Papa couldn't come this time, but understand, and are reserving the jubilation, quite rightly, for the two most important figures in their lives.
Libby, Brenda and Red had a lovely lunch with the children and spent time catching up with their news and seeing how much they have all grown.
For Libby, too, it is sad to be coming back without her dear friends Mama and Papa, but there is work to be done and she is looking forward to a busy time working alongside Rose, Isaac and Billy.