Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A smiling Charity .. and Charity Night latest

Our Charity used to be more than a little economical with her smiles ...
As  baby she was a very serious little girl, not any more.
Now she's all smiles, and a postcard from her Auntie Brenda and Uncle Red has given her more reason than ever to smile.
Brenda and Red Groves, who are in Charity's sponsor family, live in Oxfordshire but sent her greetings from Port Isaac when they were visiting Cornwall.
In a couple of weeks time they will be visiting the Happy House and experiencing that beaming smile for themselves.
Charity Night 
It's only a few days until our Charity Night and Third Birthday Party and we're getting pretty excited.
There's lots to do between now and then, but it's going to be a fun night and Mama and Papa are so looking forward to seeing you all.
It's taking place at Blackpool's Hotel Sheraton on Saturday (from 7pm) and if you haven't yet got your ticket, we do have some still to sell. They are £15 each from sue@childrenofwatamu.net 
Friends who are travelling from all over the UK to be with us on Saturday have been asking if there is anything they can bring for our children.
As Mama and Papa are going home after the charity night  to celebrate Papa's 70th birthday with the family, there are things they would like to take.
These include good quality pencils (not crayons).
Seeds for the garden (sweetcorn, tomatoes, lettuce, okra, aubergine, peppers, cabbage, spinach, green beans sweet melon, sunflowers etc.)
White cotton ankle socks,  girls' knickers and boys underpants are always needed as are more soft-covered books and dvds for our library.
Mama and Auntie Libby are planning to show the kids how to decorate Easter bonnets (the hats have been donated) but we do need trimmings, so any ribbons, rabbits etc you may have would be very welcome.