Sunday, 10 March 2013

Rotarians feel the love, Rukia gets busy and, today, in Milan ...

When a Mama talks about her children you should be able to feel the love ... and hundreds of Rotarians were, yesterday,  left in no doubt of how much our Mama Sue loves her Happy House kids.
As Mama addressed the Lancashire and Cumbria District 1190 Rotary Conference the atmosphere changed as the assembly listened intently and opened their hearts to our children.
When Mama stepped on to the stage to tell them a little about her road to the Happy House and introduced them,with so much affection, to our amazing family, there was laughter and tears.
Men and women in the audience, who have heard so many speakers and supported so many good causes by being a part of  Rotary's International community, were very clearly moved by the woman addressing them from the stage, and by the pictures of our children and their home being played on the big screen.
These were real little people whose real little lives have been saved and transformed, children have been given hope and opportunity, because the woman they now call Mama saw their need and refused to walk away.
Mama, introduced by District Governor David Simpson as "inspirational", lived up to the description and inspired.

We hope Rotarians will not only have been inspired but also motivated  to help Mama to grow her kids and to grow the Happy House so that it may help many, many, more children to have a better life over many years to come.
The charity she founded is just a small fish in pool of charities, and yet it is making huge differences, and gives true value for money to those who work so hard to support it. They know for certain that every single penny they raise will  where they intended - to supporting the Happy House family.
Because of Mama Sue's drive, sheer determination and courage children who have come from the scrapheap of life have a real chance to succeed and, just like Mama, to change the world around them . 
Support from Rotarians would enable Mama Sue to make an even bigger difference.
When she finished speaking it was to a huge round of applause which was repeated enthusiastically at the request of the District Governor.
From that time on, the Happy House stand was buzzing, as Rotarians made a beeline to congratulate Mama and to find out more about her work.
She was proud and privileged to be invited here to their Scarborough conference, and accepted in the hope it would bring the Happy House family new friends.
We are certain from the wonderful reaction that Mama, Papa and Elizabeth have received here in Scarborough that it has done just that and we now forward to get to know our new friends better ... and, we hope, to working together for our kids.

Poll and polish... by Rukia

Today, it's Rukia's turn to take over the kids' weekly slot on the blog and she wants to tell you what she's been doing while her country has been voting for a new leader.

"This is Rukia here.
Last week, on Wednesday, the teachers told us that we are having elections in Kenya so that is why we are having half term break and were resuming school on Monday, March 11.
During this time I was helping in the kitchen.
Washing the utensils
"Swiping" the kitchen.
I like to help and make it fun.''

Today in Milan

We are wishing our lovely friend Piera Lauria a very successful Sunday with her Happy House lunch and cabaret at Milan's Caffe Teatro today.
Piera who, with Oscar and their son Mattia, visited the Happy House whilst on holiday two years ago, has been doing much to support us ever since.
And we are thrilled that she and her family will be back to see us later this month.
Piera, who describes FUNDRAISING as her "new activity" raised 900 euro during the worst of winter by selling comforting  bags of heartwarming chocolate to friends and colleagues, helped by her own friend Elena.
Elena is helping her to organise  today's family lunch and among the goodies they will have to sell are jars of candy Easter eggs. 
Thank you Piera and Elena for pulling out all the stops to make life brighter for our children.