Sunday, 3 March 2013

Baby talk .. by Mercy

Girl power is a real force at the Happy House, something to be encouraged in a country where women, in so many cases, still take a back seat. So Mama encourages them to want to be as good, or better , than their brothers. It's good, healthy competition and both boys and girls learn from it.
But there are still some things the girls quite naturally gravitate to and Mercy today tells us about one of her after school pleasures.
"I would like you to know what I like to do after school.
That is when we are helping the aunties. I am playing with the babies after school when aunt is washing the babies I tell aunt can I help you to wash the babies and aunt tells me I am a very good girl for helping washing the babies.
 I am helping so that when I grow up I can know what is bad and what is good.
 I love washing  the babies."