Monday, 4 March 2013

Thank you Theano

Our Greek volunteer Theano Megousoglou has been really digging in and enjoying herself working in our gardens and greenhouses.
Theano, from Thessaloniki, has just come to the end of a month with our family in which she spend much of each day helping to the gardeners to nurture the fruit and vegetables growing in our greenhouses and outdoor plots.

She's also had a lot of fun getting to know the Happy House kids and was happy to turn her hand to anything when the housemums or aunties need some extra help, particularly with in our baby banda.
 There, Theano has forged a  special bond with our babies and captured the lovely picture above of our Esther taking tea, and is picture with Maurine and Esther!
"I have enjoyed my time here very much," says Theano.
Thank you Theano for being a great volunteer and for all the work you have done.
We hope you have a safe journey home to Greece and will remember us always and, we hope, come back to see us again one day.