Friday, 15 March 2013

Twin girls bring our family to 71

The arrival of two beautiful baby girls yesterday has made us a family of 71 children.
Deborah and Florence, twin girls of just a few months old, are in need of a loving home as their single mother, has six other children, including another set of twins, and is struggling to cope.
As Uncle Billy is on leave, our administrator Auntie Rose and head housemum, Auntie Prescha, went on a mercy mission to collect the babies and bring them home to the Happy House.
They are our second set of girl twins - Pendo and Saumu were the first, plus we have three sets of twin boys, Baraka and Amani, Peter and Paul and James and Jonathan!  
Please share this news with your friends, we are always looking for more support and for more people to join our sponsor family which is providing a safe and happy place for children, like these vulnerable babies. It costs 65p (less than a can of Coke) a day, £20 a month to sponsor a Happy House child, if you would liek to know more visit or email