Thursday, 21 March 2013

Fandabidozi family!

Fandabidozi ... that's the superlative one little girl at a Fleetwood school used to describe our  Happy House family.
After watching our new video The Happy House Haywards and hearing all about our children from Elizabeth Gomm and and Rotarian Sandra Foulkes (whose family sponsors twins Pendo and Saumu), the pupils at Larkholme Primary School are all fired up to raise enough money from their Africa Day next week to sponsor one of our children.
The Africa Day is the idea of the school's Rotakids - the junior wing of Rotary partnered by Fleetwood Rotary Club.
The children were enthralled by what they saw on the video and could see just how the Happy House is bringing real joy into the lives of children who have had a sad start in life.
When Elizabeth asked them if they would like to help Mama Sue to make a difference, there was unanimous and very noisy YES!
Thank you Larkholme we look forward to getting to know you better.
In the news
Thank you to The Gazette, Blackpool, for using this story about our Happy House school: