Saturday, 16 March 2013

Party time - in Milan and Blackpool

Piera, her son Mattia and friend Elena
Grazie Piera! A massive thank you to our good friend Piera Lauria who held a very successful family lunch and cabaret at Caffe Teatro in Milan last weekend which raised 1,200euro for our Happy House family.
In an email to Mama and Elizabeth, she says:
 "About 60 people attended to the lunch, we had a full house  and the guests were absolutely satisfied:  We had colored balloons and savannah animals as table's centerpieces - zebra, elephant, rhino, monkey,  hippo, buffalo and giraffe)
Firstly, to start the day, our guests listened to the translation of the  Queen song This is the World we Created as in my opinion it is really deep and the words are terrific!
Then we showed the video of the Happy House, Making a Difference, with Mama Sue and Uncle Bill talking about your mission and telling the stories of Harry, Evans and Esther  (thanks to Elena for the translation in Italian and all the time she has dedicated to this project). At the end I added some photos took during our last visit at Happy House with Jambo-like soundtrack.
We wanted our guests to see the Hous ,the kids ,to hear about their needs and what Mama Sue has done and is doing for them. 
We also wanted to make a difference!
We highlighted that the children are doing so well there and the Happy House just gets better and better. The children are so happy now and everyone has to be reminded of how they were when they went there: frightened, hungry, sad and neglected little beings. Most of them sick as well.
Their lives have been transformed thanks to your BIG HEARTS AND EFFORT and that this is happening is also due to the kindness of people like us and we are very grateful to all the people who attended our first fundraiser for caring for the Children of Watamu.
We are proud to have friends like you.
We thought our guests like to have something to do and something to look at during the fundraising lunch, rather than just listening to me telling what my family and I lived by Happy House and enjoying the food so livening the day up was as simple as hiring a comedian and doing a raffle. Guests bought many raffle tickets during the lunch.
Then we had a pleasant lunch and a stunning comedy show! Everybody was amazed by MAX BUNNY (the Comic).
Furthermore we sold our Easter eggs…wonderful!!!
We are very satisfied of what we did during our fundraising...and much more satisfied for what we raised for the Children of Watamu: about €1.200= (we’re still selling our Easter eggs …so the aforementioned amount shall increase!)''.
Party smile from Peninah
Our thanks to Piera, Elena for pulling out all the stops to help our family and to everyone who attended the lunch, bought Easter eggs or helped in anyway. 
You truly are making a difference.
Today is the day
Today is the day! It's our annual charity night tonight .. which is also celebrating the third birthday of the Happy House. And how far we have come in those three years!
We look forward to seeing all those of you who are coming to Blackpool to join us and send our love and smile to all those of you, around the world,  who are unable to make it.
Your support, and love, are our cornerstone.