Saturday, 2 March 2013

The week ends with FIVE new kids

Happy John  chews on a finger as she meets our kids
Turning tears and fears into sunshine and smiles is what the Happy House family is all about.
We really do put hope into the hearts of children.
Happy John
So in a week when our family has swelled from 63 to 68, our special kind of magic has been in overdrive.
When our kids get word that a new brother of sister is arriving, there is an air of excitement as they get busy planning how are going to welcome them into their home and family.
Most remember what it was like to be that child, plucked from all they have ever  known , however bad , and taken somewhere new and  unfamiliar. They also remember the love and warmth of their Happy House welcome.
Uncle Billy, our dedicated and brilliant social worker, prepares everyone for a new arrival. This week was no different.
Five little people, carrying heavy burdens of tragedy and despair,  are now finding their feet in our world where children are relieved of their worries and can live without fear.
Our newest arrival is five year old Happy John. Her life has been far from happy up until now. Vulnerable and in need of protection, she was referred to our family and was more than a little shy when Uncle Billy brought her home  to a lovely  welcome from our kids ... the little girls eager to show her where she would be sleeping, and the older ones taking her under their gentle wings.
Uncle Billy says she is settling in, playing with her new pals and, for the first time, enjoying a childhood.
 Our new boys, brothers  Erastus and Ndoro  were displaced as a result of violent clashes in the Tana Delta over recent months which left more than 100 dead, many more injured, and forced thousands to flee.
Their dad, a fisherman, was killed and their mum had to escape to find safety for herself and her boys. They had been existing on what bits of food wellwishers could provide whilst their mum worked in return for their accommodation, but after a short stay hosts would get fed up and ask them to move  because of the hard economic times.
Mariam and brothers arrive
Erastus,who is around three, and Ndoro, about two, are no longer going hungry and are enjoying themselves at the Happy House while their mum, who has suffered so much, can try restablish her life knowing her children are safe and happy.
In time, she, and we, hope they will be back together as a family.
Also displaced by the clashes, were Mariam. 14, and her brothers. They were being ill-treated by the person who had given them "refuge'' and Uncle BIlly was called to bring them to  safety.
No sooner had they arrived than their father, who had found a job in a neighbouring area, arrived deeply concerned by their plight. It was agreed he would take the boys home to live with him.  As  Mariam has been registered for her final and very importantl primary exams at the school she has been attending she will stay with us until she completes her school year and then will be reunited with her dad.
Uncle Billy says: "During intervention Mariam was all tears and very frightened. It was very rewarding to see her smile when we got home to the Happy House. What better return can we ask for? 
Fatuma, aged six-ish,  was orphaned when her mum died last year leaving her under the care of her elder brothers who have families of their own.  Her schooling stopped when her mum died.  None of the brothers' kids are in school either and the brothers are  struggling to support their own families and were unable to continue to support an extra child.
Fatuma made  friends immediately with our kids is thrilled to be back in school. She is in our Class Two while teachers assess her abilities.
*Please help us to find new friends for our ever growing family. We are desperate for new people to join our children's sponsor families. It costs £20 a month, that is just 65p a day, to change a child's life, and your own, forever. To find out how you can help please email  or to make an online donation to support our work please .
Thank you for caring.
Good luck Amanda
Good luck to Amanda Barron who is running the Bath Half-Marathon tomorrow to raise money for the Happy House.
Mum of two Amanda, has been in training for weeks and is spurred on by the thought of helping to make lives brighter for the vulnerable children who find a home and family at the Happy House.
Amanda is a member of Margaret's sponsor family.
We all wish you well Amanda and hope the spring sun shines for you.