Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Twins get a visitor

Twins Peter and Paul had a very unexpected visit - from their father.
It is the first time since they came to our family, from circumstances of abject poverty, that he has seen them.
He told Uncle Billy that after he had separated from their mother, who had other older children from another failed marriage, he went to live in Mombasa where he deals in selling charcoal on a small scale.
He was pleased to see his sons thriving in our care and said he would keep in touch from now on.
Needed urgently...
Head housemum Auntie Prescha has told Mama that lightweight pyjamas are needed for our boys and girls, who are aged from one to 16.
Other items required at this time, on top of those mentioned in yesterday's blog, are whiteboard markers and pencils.
If you would like to bring something along to the charity night on Saturday for our children the items in this and yesterday are the "most wanted and most needed" items. There will be a collection point and then we will get them out to the family.
Thank you, as always, for your love and kindness.