Friday, 22 March 2013

Mama on the mend, and for the love of Levian

So many people have been phoning and emailing to ask  after Mama Sue who was so unwell she was unable to attend the charity night last Saturday.
It's been a really tough week, what we thought was a bug turned out to be a massive infection, the result of an insect bite whilst last in Kenya which she thought had cleared up after a course of antibiotics, but which flared up again and totally floored her, and she was unable to move her right hip.
Mama was admitted to hospital on Sunday morning for intravenous antibiotics. She is now on the road to recovery, responding to treatment and will, hopefully, be out at the start of next week.
Sadly this means that she and Papa won't be flying back home today to see the family today as planned. This is so hard for them both as home with their kids is truly where their heart lies. They love their children so much and are very much loved in return
Thank you to everyone who has been in touch. Mama and Papa send you her love.

For the love of Levian ...

An Italian company which sells fitness is also selling the Happy House to its 40,000 members.
GetFit, which has 12 clubs in Milan, plus one in nearby Gallarate and another in Switzerland, is one of the subscription points for entrants of this Sunday's Stramilano,  an annual run over a choice of three distances, which attracts more than 50,000 competitors from five continents.
Her husband, Livio Leardi, is CEO and owner and GetFit, and he and his wife Susanna are hoping to sign up 2,000 runners for the event and a Euro from each one will be donated to our family.
They have gained guardianship of Levian, a little boy, with a tragic background, who they found in care of another Kenyan children's home and who they have been helping for three and a half years.

And for most of that time Susanna has wanted Levian to be in the custody of the Happy House.
Once they became guardians they asked Mama if he could move to Happy House with their full financial supportm giving Susanna and Livio every confidence that he is being well cared for in a family atmosphere and is receiving the best education,. when they are back in Italy. He has settled down well and is much happier than he was in the previous home.
Susanna says: "I visited Happy House and I fell in love with Sue and her all big family. But The other main reason is Levian, my African baby.
I visited Happy house because of an English couple. They suggested to me that I go there.
I was looking for a good school for my baby.
I met Levian in an orphanage three and half years ago, he is now four.
Since I met Sue I fought with all my strength to move him to Happy House....and finally after three years I succeeded!
My husband and I  have signed the "guardianship" in the court of Malindi and we have became Levian's  guardian and he now is a student and a special guest of  Happy House."
Susanna is nw keen to help promote and help the Happy House in any way she can, and is raising awareness and money via GetFit and Stramilano
Stramilano, the most famous city race in Italy, which has had a place in the hearts of the Milanese for 42 years.  It is open to everyone, of all ages and abilities, to run at their own pace.