Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Italian connection

Our Italian connection gets ever stronger and we have a growing number of supporters and child sponsors there.
Among them is Piera Lauria, her partner Oscar and their son Mattia, six.  It is two years since they last visited the Happy House and so it was with great pleasure that we welcomed them back.
They brought with them so many wonderful items donated by their friends in Italy --- three  cases, packed to the brim, with clothes, toys, toiletries, pencils, pens etc.
Piera also brought with her the money raised from a very successful lunch she organised at Caffe Teatro, Milan, two weeks ago.She and Oscar were delighted to see how much the Happy House has developed and to see how our children have grown and Mattia soon made friends with our kids.
Oscar also played a spot of football with some of our little ones who were queuing up to kick the ball while Piera chatted to some of the others who were fascinated by her pretty bracelets.
Piera has so many ideas of ways in which she can gather more support from people in Italy and is to help translate a page for the website. She has already edited our video A Very Special Job to give it a faithful translation in Italian which we will add to the website in the next few weeks.
Her great disappointment was that Mama and Papa were not here but she is hoping that they might be able to visit Milan shortly to meet our friends there.
Thank you Piera, Oscar and Mattia, we are so grateful for all that you do and for caring so much for our family, we look forward to seeing you back at the Happy House later this week.