Monday, 7 January 2013

Four children in need join our family

A tiny boy, deserted by his mother, and three little girls,left in dire straits after the death of their mum, have now found love and safety in our Happy House family.
Safe in Uncle Billy's arms
As the Happy House magic gets to work, the  four children, who have raised our total to 62, are settling in and discovering the joys of  a trouble free childhood with their 58 new brothers and sisters.
Uncle Billy, our social worker, who responded to the call for help for these kids from the local Children's Office takes up the story:
''When we got a call from The Children's Department about a desperate little boy , I informed our family members they were to have a new brother, all the kids were clapping and cheering, and suddenly everybody wanted to go with me to get him! 
A family welcome for baby Moses
Finally we all agreed that  two of the big girls, Mercy and Janet, would accompany us together with  two UK volunteers Layla Hamadi  and Charlotte Poulter..
 So we set off with so many questions being asked by all of us to no one in particular,what could be the story?
 Is he fine etc,  finally we got there and we had to wait for a while since the little boy had gone to have a bite to eat with his rescuer.
 When they finally came we couldn't help but to see the anger on the old lady's face.
She was fed up after being duped by the little boy's mom, who she alleges not to know well, who had asked her to hold the baby for a minute while she bought some milk, never to return. 
The was so furious and swore that she will demand ksh 20,000 from this tricky woman should she see her again!
All in all we took our baby, whose name is Moses, home to a rousing welcome where he had a nice bath ; changed into fresh clothes and  was fed and one thing was certain....he was finally in a loving and caring family.
Hope and Melis  play with Selina and Hajiri
 We  also admitted Selina, nine, Hajiri, three, and Maurine, one.  They have  tragically lost their mom hence being rendered extremely vulnerable.
 Their grandmom couldn't cope with the demands of these small children,  while their dad needs to go out working since there are two other sons aged 14 and 12 who are still in primary school and who he must support. The Happy House,as always, is glad to be a bridge over a family's trouble waters and always allows widowed parents time to heal and get their heads together especially after tragic loss of their loved ones.
 The little girls came looking  tired,hungry and frightened.
 They were welcomed in the traditional way and this time it is so easy to get new members of our family to feel at home, through the help of their brothers and sisters.
 They were instantly given new clothes of their own and they had  their new sisters eagerly showing them where to sleep.  
This is  truly magical .. the Happy House is the best family ever!
 Within a short time the kids were nicely settled and coping well with their new surroundings. 
The next morning I was excited to see them playing and mingling with everyone else.... and just being children.
Charity, Hope, Melis, Linus and everyone else was so kind and gentle with them ...  illustrating that the ideals we all along try to instil in them have trickled down positively even to the little ones.
It s truly so special and so  heartwarming.''
Can you help?
Our new arrivals highlight the plight of the children we are helping at the Happy House and as Mama Sue has said so many times, no child in need will ever be turned away - we will always find room for another. 
But each new child brings additional costs - food, health, education and childcare.
So once again we are asking you to heed our Find a Friend Appeal  by helping to find us new friends - people who will join our children's sponsor families.
We are asking each of you, who already know and love your own sponsor child, to share the joy this brings to you with your friends.
Please, help our family by signing up a new sponsor.
For £20 a month (the cost of a couple of takeaways,or a night out) they can change a child's life.
It's a small price to pay to give a child, who has known hunger, fear and pain, a family home where they are loved, cherished and educated.
A childhood free from fear and neglect, with the freedom to play and grow, is the priceless gift you are giving to your Happy House child.
Please share your Happy House friendship with others - family, friends and colleagues - and please, please, FIND A FRIEND for a Happy House child.
You can find out all you need to know and download a sponsor form at  or email for details of setting up sponsorship via online banking.
Thank you.