Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Our first sponsor from Mexico

Adriana and Maurine
As we have said before, the Happy House weaves its magic over so many lives, all around the world.
We have members of our children's sponsor families from many part of the globe including Europe, the USA, Australia , New Zealand and now South America, too.
We are delighted to welcome Paulina, who is sponsoring Maurine, to our family.
Here Paulina, who is just receiving news of her new Happy house friend, tells how she discovered the Happy House  why our children have become so important to her:
My name is Paulina. I’m 24 years old and I live in Mexico City.
I spent the last five years of my life studying architecture, it is my greatest passion.
While I was still in college, Adriana, one of my best friends began what I think will always be the best journey of her life; a trip to Watamu, Kenya, in order to help the children who live there.

I think I never really became aware of the wonder she was living untill I started to see her pictures. 
Paulina and Adriana
The way people reacted to them; and the most amazing thing was not only seeing how she was changing but how she was touching people hearts as well.
 For me, in those pictures, every smile counted, every tear counted, every moment counted, even when I wasn't there. 
I could imagine how she started every day with a smile and ended it with a bigger one. I will never be able to explain the feeling, but born in me was a desire to help.
And so I asked Adriana How can I do it? and she mentioned I could help a child directly by making month donations and that is how Elizabeth Gomm , a women to whom I will always be grateful, told me about how I could sponsor a Happy House child.
I cannot wait to meet my boy or girl, I love him/her already so much.

*If you would like to sponsor a Happy House child, like Paulina, please email for details