Thursday, 17 January 2013

Welcome Madam Sarah

Retired teacher Sarah Flanagan has just started her first week in the classroom at our Happy House school.
Sarah, who was inspired to help our family after hearing  Mama Sue speak at the Lancashire Woman of the Year luncheon this summer, formerly taught at St Mary's College, Blackburn.
Before volunteer Sarah has been fundraising for our family and also joined our family by sponsoring Hassan, who she is now enjoying getting to know.
Sarah arrived on Monday to meet our Happy House and after being introduced to our staff and children, and an induction to Happy House life from head teacher Madam Rose and social worker Uncle Billy, quickly got to work in school.
She says:
''The professionalism of all the staff is so impressive as is the behaviour of the children. 
 The teachers are great....very committed and want to talk and ask questions about the UK system. They all demonstrate a real and touching pride in The Happy House and are aware of how special it is. 
I taught prepositions to a class and they were so keen to learn... it was a joy!
 I wish our UK kids could have such neat handwriting and be so enthusiastic.
I am now officially Madame Sarah!''