Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Move along! But our Mama is home...

A quiet as mice, our Happy House kids wait for their Mama and Papa to walk through the arrivals gate at Mombasa Airport.The older ones stand, their necks craned, each wanting to catch the first glimpse of Kenya Airways most precious cargo.And when they see Mama and Papa walk through the gate the pent up excitement erupts and the children bubble over clapping, cheering, singing ... and literally jumping for joy.

Their delight at having their Mama and Papa home at last was there for everyone to see - passers-by and fellow passengers unable to conceal a smile as they too were caught up in this  infectious happiness.
Only the bewildered security staff, unused to joyful reunions on this scale, were a bit put out, asking the family to move on as they were causing congestion. 
''But our Mama is home!''  the kids
For Mama and Papa, it was the welcome they had been looking forward to for weeks.

''It was a journey long and tiring,'' says Mama ''but all is forgotten when the kids are there to meet us with hugs, kisses and great big smiles.'
Everyone was there, Uncle BIlly, Auntie Rose, Uncle Isaac, housemums, teachers, volunteer Sarah Flanagan, our Masai, gardeners and Lanson and all the kids big enough to endure the two hour trip.
To the relief of security staff, the happy procession  snaked their way colourfully to the car park to board the bus home, with a stop for sodas on the way.
Mama says the sodas arrived quickly but it too an age for straws to follow. She asked the kids to wait and they did, so patiently, not one even child trying to sneak a surreptitious slurp!
Volunteer Sarah, a teacher in the UK for more than 30 years, was once again impressed by the way our children behave.

Mama says: ''I said to the kids wait until your straws come, please don't drink from the bottles, so they all sat quietly waiting. Sarah couldn't believe it, she was amazed how good they ALL are.''
Drinks stop over, with everyone chatting away trying to tell Mama and Papa their news, it was back on the bus for the long ride home to the Happy House where a special lunch of turkey and pilau awaited the happy but weary travellers.
And Mama had them all trying to guess what present she had brought them ... and were thrilled when she produced line dancing dvds along with a red cowboy hat for every child.
Knowing our enthusiastic dancers,  they'll have the routines mastered in no time. 
Mama and Papa have been truly missed, now they are home and for our family life is once again complete and all is well.
Welcome home, Mama and Papa.