Sunday, 6 January 2013

A visit to my family - by Margaret

Some of our children have been home visits to relatives for Christmas and New Year. Margaret has just returned from staying with an uncle  and seeing her older siblings, all of whom are grown up. Here she tells us about her exciting trip which was also a time of celebration and feasting:
I just want to tell you about my home visit. I went home on  a Thursday afternoon.
Uncle took me home. I reached home in the evening at 4pm. I started greeting my
sisters,brothers,aunties,uncles and many more. After finishing ,I ate my dinner and went straight
to bed because I was really tired. 
I wake up early in the morning I washed my body I brushed my teeth and then I wore my
best clothes and I went to play with my sisters and my friends. And they told me that they have been missing me!.
I helped my aunties in fetching water,fire,cooking and many more. My family really loved me very much and  I love them.
I stayed  there for some days and then the Christmas day came. In the morning we ate maahamri ( sweet buns), chapatti and milk tea.
In the afternoon we ate coconut rice and ducks and we really enjoyed it. The new year came and in the morning we ate the same same food and in the afternoon we ate coconut rice, goat, hens and ducks. I really enjoyed my home visit. 
The next day it was my time to leave home my friends were really sad so I told them :`I will see you when the Lord wishes me to see you again.''
 And I told them goodbye and I come home safely when I reached at the Happy House everybody was happy to see me back and I am now living happily with my sisters, brothers and aunties as a family!
Best wishes from Margaret xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx