Thursday, 3 January 2013

Busy with books

Getting all our books sorted in the library ready for the new school year is keeping Cathy, our librarian, busy.
Each one has to be barcoded and then scanned using the scanner so kindly donated to us by Micro Librarian Systems of Stockport.
Cathy is never short of helpers and is pictured (let) with Rukia and Margaret giving a hand.
Having a  MLS Junior Librarian digital management system is an absolute boon to us and Cathy is thrilled to be explain it to visitors and to other local school and libraries.
Once again the Happy House is at the cutting edge of technology,  the Junior Librarian ensures that we can track every book, dvd, or any other item, and also that we can see at a glance each individual child's reading pattern and preferences.
Our teachers and kids really appreciate having such  wonderful library (and growing number book) and spend a great deal of time there preparing for lessons or borrowing books.