Friday, 25 January 2013

US Navy comes to call

The Happy House success story is one that never fails to surprise and impress those who visit us.
They can see for themselves exactly how Mama Sue has not only created a children's home with exceptionally high standards, but also how she has taken her vision forward to provide both our Happy House children, and those from the local community, with a school which is also blazing the trail for change.
So what is her secret to success? That is what everyone wants to know ..including our latest visitors from the US Navy.
They are in Watamu working on local projects and having heard about the Happy House, they wanted to see it and to talk to Mama so that they could help the local projects, nowhere near as successful, to understand what it takes.
And as Mama, who never gives less than her best to her family and, therefore, refuses to accept anything less than the best from those who work with her, was happy to advise them.
Uncle Billy says: 'They marvelled at the standards of care and admired the achievements put in place within a short space of time
They wanted to understand how best to support the community and the Happy House was a place they wanted to learn from.
''They  asked Mama how she had managed to  do it all. She quickly answered them that it was by being accountable,transparent and maintaining high standards of integrity.
'' Corruption has marred so many projects started by well wishing donors who end up feeling disenfranchised after funds are diverted and mostly misappropriated.
''This is never the case in the Happy House. Everything that is given, whether money or goods, gets to where it is intended, to supporting the children.''
*Mama and Papa are pictured (above) with navy officers Benjamin McGee and Kevin Hodge along with George Mumba, a travel agent who organises educational, internship and volunteering programmes.
Welcome Carol
Another visitor who came to call was Carol Sohier from Jersey, Carol has helped us by supporting our appeal to raise money for a new and bigger bus and in other ways so Mama Sue was thrilled to welcome and for her to meet our family. Carol brought with her some very useful stock of dry goods for our kitchen store cupboard. Thank you Carol for being so kind.