Thursday, 10 January 2013

Two small boys .. safe at last

Two small brothers in desperate need of care and protection are now in the safe and loving arms of our Happy House family.
Emmanuel, six, and Elijah, four, were no sooner in our family than our tailor Sifa was measuring  them up for school uniform putting normality and routine back into their tragic little lives.
Uncle Billy responded to the cry for help for these youngsters who were suffering at the hands of their own  teenage mother who is out of control because of substance abuse. 
The boys grandmother had been trying to care for them, and for her daughter, but could no longer manage because of her daughter's violent reaction towards the children she could not leave her alone with them, and so was unable to earn a living  herself selling secondhand clothes.
With no welfare system if a a breadwinner cannot work, they and their family cannot eat.
Wellwishers had been supporting the boys' education but were no longer able to so  and they  were deemed to be seriously at risk and we were asked to help and did so immediately to ensure these innocent and vulnerable children were safe from harm.
Uncle Billy said Emmanuel and Elijah are settling down very quickly and making friends with all the other kids who are delighted to have two new brothers.
He said their mum, 19, now has a chance to seek rehabilitation to give herself the opportunity of rebuilding her life while her own mother can also start working again to support herself.
Meanwhile, Emmanuel and Elijah will  grow, play and learn in a home and family where they can be certain that they will always be well cared for and well loved.