Saturday, 26 January 2013

Birthday boys and girls!

The youngest member of our family,  little Esther reached her first birthday landmark this week, sharing her special birthday with our Uncle Billy.

When Esther, who was  just a few days old when she found abandoned in scrubland last year, Uncle Billy was delighted t hat her official birthday was the same day as his own and then doubly delighted when Cherith and Steve Cushing, who do so much to support us and were visiting at the time, named her Esther, which is is the name of Cherith's late grandmother but also  of his own much-loved mum!

This week there were gifts for both of them presented at kids club, with Jane taking Esther to receive hers.
There were also gifts for Katana and  for little Rose, who had two members of her sponsor family, Scott and Laura Webster, there to join in the birthday song.
Happy birthday to all of you.

Welcome to Paul and friends.......
Paul Hatch has been looking forward to visiting the Happy House for months ... and he and his family have been collecting items for Paul to bring for the kids.

Luckily his airline helped out by giving him an extra 10kg charity baggage allowance to ensure he didn't have to leave anything behind. .
Paul , from London, met Mama Sue and Papa Dave and the family earlier this week and came back yesterday with three fellow guests from Turtle Bay Hotel - Audrey Wolfendale, Janice Clarke and Michelle Stanton.
They were given a guided tour by Papa and loved everything they saw. Thanks Paul for your generosity and for helping to spread word of the Happy House work.