Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A message from Mama Sue

Mama and Papa with Terry and  Wendy Burns

Here we are standing on the threshold of another year. Where does the time go?
2012 has been, as always, an eventful year at the Happy House - with 59 
children life is never boring.
In March we celebrated our second birthday with our family members at home and here in the UK on the Charity Night. In April, due to shortage of funds, we had  to stop  work on the new much needed Primary School. Papa Dave & I had to make the heart wrenching decision to come back to the UK for a length of time to work with Elizabeth and raise the much needed funds, not only to finish building the school but to keep the Happy House going.
We were so short of money it was frightening.  With 59 children and 24 staff we have a lot of people depending on us. The children were heartbroken, as were we. They could not understand why we had ton leave them.
We need, always ,to  remember most of our children have been deserted, abandoned, desperately lonely, and frightened. We talked and comforted  them. When we left, Uncle Billy was amazing at helping them to
understand why Mama and Papa needed to be away. He thought everything was settling down when one day they came en mass into his office really demanding to know where we were, Billy said they seemed to think that it was him who was keeping us from them. 
 Billy said it took quite a while and a lot of reassuring that we loved them all so much and would never leave them without good cause and that we would come home as soon as we possibly could. We had think of something to help the children cope, we talked it over and decided Skype was the answer. The children  could see we were here, we could talk to them and tell them how much we love them as always. 
It was then Papa’s turn to be accused of keeping Mama from them.
Why is mama there with you, why can’t she come home? You stay Papa and
send Mama home. I cannot explain what it feels like  to be so loved completely by the children. If  I could bottle that feeling and sell it our money troubles would be over.  
We now Skype every Tuesday for Kidz Klub talk things over and make decisions as a family. Everyone has something to tell, be it exam results, a birthday or football results for Papa
It has been a good year for us in many positive ways. By being here and working so closely with Elizabeth, who does a fantastic job raising funds for and awareness of the family in so many different ways. She keepsin touch with everyone, does talks and is an excellent UK coordinator. 
Welcome home
We shared ideas, made a  plan, and worked hard. You all responded so well to our requests to ‘Find A Friend’, with this we have increased our number of sponsors. The monthly sponsorship is the financial underpinning of the Happy House. If we can cover the monthly bills, I can sleep at night. I am
sure we will always need many more sponsors, as our family grows in size and numbers so do the needs. 
We had a very generous donation from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous, to enable us to finish the school.
Terry Burns and his Charity Furniture for Education sent a container with all the furniture needed for the school, and so much more, bookcases, filing cabinets, computers and Burnley FC kits. 
A company in Cheshire, Micro Librian Systems donated a scanner for the new Happy House library, plus a generous donation towards our work with the children..
 We have just secured some funds for Solar panels from a Trust in London who have supported us for the past three years and now want to meet with us in London to discuss becoming more involved. The Solar will cut
out running costs and give us light and power each and every day. At the moment we can be three days without power, relying on a very over worked little generator. With no power we can’t pump water from the well so toilets can’t be flushed. We have our kids to wash, plus all their clothes, I will not go on but trust me it is a nightmare all round!  
We will always have the worry of financial stability, but with so many of you raising funds, awareness and becoming sponsors, I know we will achieve for the children.
As we step forward together into 2013 I feel very positive for a safe and secure future for our lovely family.

 With your love, help, and support we will continue to love and take care of as many children who need us............... all of us.