Thursday, 13 September 2012

Grandma's gift

Grandma Yaa maybe in her nineties but she is still keen to grow vegetables, just as she always has, on her plot at Yaa village.
And with the rains helping to produce a good crop of maize this year she and Grandpa thoughtfully sent some round to the Happy Houseas a gift for our children.
The kids enjoy eating maize, as sweetcorn, or as ugali - a dough made from maize flour and which is a staple in the local diet.
Thank you Grandma, as you can see our kids were jumping for joy showing off your generous gift.
Christmas is coming...
Apologies for giving an incomplete link to Mama's Christmas Wish List on yesterday's blog, so if you would still like to buy something from it for our kids this Christmas the link is:
And finally...
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