Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Songs of praise

Everyone loves a wedding, and our kids are no exception.
They were word perfect when they performed three songs at the wedding of Caroline Rowsell and Steve Sharples.
Caroline and Steve visited the Happy House when they were holidaying in Watamu last year and when planning a return trip and their wedding at Turtle Bay Hotel, they immediately thought of how our family could make it a very special day.
The children who formed the choir, had also been invited to a less formal meal at the hotel Pizzeria as a treat from Steve and Caroline and everyone was so impressed with the way they behaved.
As it was only the older children who were there when they were offered cake they asked if they could take it home to share with their brothers and sisters. What a close and caring family we have.
Auntie Rose and Uncle Billy attended the wedding and Uncle Billy says: "Our kids had a very good time and sang three lovely songs to a loud cheer from the guests. They were praised for being good singers as well as being polite and courteous."
Many congratulations to Steve and Caroline, and thank you for your generosity.
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