Sunday, 2 September 2012

A trip to the dentist - by Evans

It's Sunday, and the blog today has really got teeth, thanks to Evans, 11, who takes over the weekly slot on behalf of the Happy House kids.
He writes:
On Monday we went to see the dentist  at Malindi.
We went with Lucinda and Musyoka
Uncle Billy took as there. When we reached there we told we talked to the dentist and the dentist heard our problem. He entered in the room for some times and then he came out and he said who will come first I said "I",  and then Musyoka followed next and then last was Lucinda.
The dentist asked "Do you want your teeth to be like hyena" we said no then he told Uncle Billy we would go back on Sunday.
*Evans (in green) and Musyoka are pictured smiling in the dentist's chair!