Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Books ... the vehicles for change

If education is the road out of poverty, books are the vehiclee.
Mama Sue was told that by her beloved dad who did so much to encourage her own passion for reading.
So fostering a love of books and reading at the Happy House is so important to Mama and that means providing a well-stocked library to cater for the diverse literary thirsts of all our kids.
That's why high on our wishlist for Christmas gifts on Mama's Amazon Wishlist are softback books on all kinds of subjects to suit all ages of children.
Our good friend Andrea Manders, who isin Natasha's sponsor family, has made  bookplates so that every child who receives a book from Santa will have their name in their book. It will belong to them and they will be encouraged to keep their book safely in the Happy House library so that it can be shared and enjoyed by all their brothers and sisters.
We are so grateful to Elaine Silverwood (pictured) of real little gem of a bookshop, Silverdell Books, Kirkham, Lancashire, for donating two boxes full of books to our family.
Her wonderful  bookshop and ice cream parlour, which attracts some of the nation's leading authors for signings, is also passionate about encouraging children to read, just like Mama.
Elaine is delighted to think that some of their books would be making their way to our family.
"I always get extra World Book Day titles and give them to schools that are under-funded in their libraries or in areas of deprivation. I love the idea of these going to your charity," she says.
Thank you Elaine and Silverdell for being so generous. Your books are going to very special little people in a very special place.
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