Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rub a dub dub!

Janet, Maria, Jedidah and Mercy
Our children are very busy as you can see in these pictures taken by Margaret, 12.
And here, in her Happy House blog spot, she tells us what her brothers and sisters are getting up to... the result of a decision they made at Kidz Council.
"The children of Happy House are enjoying washing their uniform.
Washing your own clothes is a good way. Because you learn how the feature is likely to be done.
Not all the children washes their own clothes.

Evans and Fikiri
The children who wash their own clothes are the children who have  eight years to 15 years.
We learn how if your clothes are very dirty how can you clean them.
Learning things while you are eight years and above it is the best way of a life.
You know that if today you are a child tomorrow you will not be a child again.
The Happy House children are already washing their uniforms because they want to learn about life. They want to learn about the feature. Here are my sisters and brothers enjoying washing their uniforms."


Jedidah, Janet and Maria