Sunday, 16 September 2012

A painful subject - by Evans

A trip to the clinic for some of our little boys is the subject of this week's Happy House blogger, Evans.
Evans, a concerned and caring big brother to all the younger children and chairman of our kids council, writes:

"I hope you are fine and me too.
I am glad to tell you that some of the boys' power were circumcised. These boys are Suleiman, Linus, Fred, Alex, Peter, Paul, Jonathan, James and David.
During the time of circumcision it's so painful even you cry and scream. It's better when you are still a baby. Then you be circumcised.
But if it is done whn you are a big boy it you will disturb.
The boys have been so brave they all won the prestigious star of the week awards at Kids Club. Some are pictured here with their honours as graced by their sisters."
Pictured are: Mwende (in red) and Sulieman; Thumbs' up from Linus with Jane (in brown); and  Zawadhi and Freddie.
Mariam shines brightly
All our kids shine but every week those who have been brave or done something special to earn a Star of the Week Award.
Mariam (right) is a very worthy winner. She was a real little Florence Nightingale to the group of little boys who need a bit of extra TLC after their visit to the clinic to be circumcised.
The boys were all very brave and resilient, and we are so proud of them, but know they were help by the extra care they received from their big sister.
Mariam received her award from Natasha, the newest member of our family and a second Natasha.
Well done Mariam you are such a kind girl.