Saturday, 22 September 2012

A gardening we will go ...

Just look at this little imp turning his hand to some planting in the Happy House garden.

Wherever Harrison goes, his brother Ushindi is never far behind and their big sister sister Salama always has her eye on what they are up to, so it's no surprise to see the three together showing off their harvest.
Uncle Billy took these lovely pictures for Chris Franklin, our webmaster, who also does so much to raise money for us by using his photographic talents to do the pictures for weddings of friends, in return for a donation.
Chris is a member of Harrison's sponsor family  and likes to keep his friends and business clients up to date with his progress via his website and Facebook pages.
One to watch out for.....
How quickly Sunday comes around, and the the children's slot to write the blog.
Tomorrow's guest blogger is Maria who has a lovely story to tell.
Our kids lives have been totally transformed by Mama Sue and now they are all desperate for her to win a prize!
Please click on this link NOW to cast your vote for our amazing Mama Sue Hayward in the Most Inspirational category of the Inspiration Awards for Women 2012, she so deserves to win!