Friday, 28 September 2012

Our David stands tall

It will be a year in November since Mama Sue and Uncle Billy were told by specialists that our beautiful boy David has Downs Syndrome.
They were told he may never walk and could live into his teens. They should take him home to the Happy House and love him.
Whatever the diagnosis, it is just a label, and Mama Sue and our whole family vowed that David, already loved as much as any child can be, would get every bit of help he needs to achieve his full potential.
And knowing what full, long and semi-independent lives people with Downs have in the developed world we sought the very best advice.
In February 2011
Armed with information from the Downs Syndrome Association in the UK, we have forged ahead with help for David ... and he, in turn, is now forging ahead in his own special way.
Two in December, he may still be behind his younger brothers when it comes to reaching those developmental milestones, but he's now giving them a run for their money!
A programme of exercises, designed to stimulate him physically and mentally, and other one-to-one help, over the last year is paying dividends.
Uncle Billy says: " David has come a long way and is very very active now.
"He crawls at supersonic speed and heaves himself to an upright position by use of furniture.
"He is very responsive to instructions and socially very engaging.
" Well done David, keep it up!"

Walking with volunteer DawnHeather White
David, a premature and poorly baby, was abandoned shortly after birth and joined our family when he left hospital at eight weeks. It is hard to imagine what life would have held from him had he not come home to the Happy House. He certainly would not be the healthy, achieving and vibrant almost-toddler he is today.
Mama Sue's aim for her Happy House children is that each should be the best that he or she can be.
And whatever it takes, however challenging a child's situation may be, we will do all we can, as a family, to fulfil that aim and to help our children achieve all they can in life.
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