Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Thank you to Clare and Carlow

A visit to our family left a lasting impression on student Clare Mullins, from Carlow, Ireland.
Clare has since raised a great deal of money for the Happy House and her latest effort has brought both gifts for our Christmas appeal and 560euro plus £1!
Clare says: " I always have Happy House on my mind since the moment I visited in summer 2011. I've had such a hectic and busy 2012 I haven't been able to do as much as I would have liked for the kids, so when I heard that Mama Sue was looking for Christmas clothes and gifts for the kids I knew I wanted to do something because every child should have a smile on their face at Christmas!
" I had a little think to see what I could do. I called down to my local Primark and booked in a day to fundraise as it is a very busy spot in Carlow.
"I had the local radio broadcast a little piece about the Happy House and how people could sponsor a child and reminding them to pop down to me to purchase a gift or clothing for the kids or simply donate money.
" As it's such a busy time of year it was hard to gather people to help. But one person I can always count on is my close friend Jennifer Osaro , whose family originate from Nigeria and have lived in Ireland for many years now. Her charismatic nature and friendly smile soon had people dropping their spare change into our buckets making sure not to let anyone pass without hearing us in unison as we chorused '' Would you like to Support the Happy House Children's Home.''
" Most people gave a chuckle to here us in unison and couldn't resist to come and have a little look at the posters I had made from my visit with photos of our kids and to donate. Many even knew about Mama Sue and I encouraged them to vote for her in the Inspiration Awards for Women.
"We sat from 9.30 am to 8pm that evening taking an hour's break to recoup. It was a long day, but so worth it when I tallied up the total. People are so generous when it comes to children, I have wonderful friends who came down purposely to buy clothes for the kids.
"The fact that they took time out to do that really proves to me the social awareness that people have these days of those who are less fortunate than them and this keeps me inspired to do more for the Happy House as soon as I can! "
Thank you Clare you are such a good friend to our children and we send lots of Happy House love and thanks to you, to your friend Jennifer, and to everyone who donated.
Thank you Poulton Ladies
Mama Sue and Elizabeth received a very warm welcome from the Poulton NFU Ladies when they went along to talk about the Happy House family.
A lot has happened since Sue's last visit to them at Singleton Lodge in 2009 and they were delighted and impressed by the Happy House and the family she has created there. They were very generous,too, and the club donation, plus a collection, raised a total of £152.30. Thank you ladies, we had a lovely evening and very much enjoyed your company (and your cakes!)
If you haven't done so already, please click on this link now to cast your vote for our amazing Mama Sue Hayward in the Most Inspirational category of the Inspiration for Women Award 2012.