Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Leeds fans reUnited

Papa Dave was reunited with a fellow Leeds United fan when Vicky Simpson called in to say hello.
Vicky, from Skipton, is, like Papa, an avid Leeds follower and it was a real treat for him, a year ago, to be able to talk about his team when Vicky, holidaying in Watamu, visited the Happy House.
Papa wasn't around at the time but knowing how disappointed  he would be, Mama Sue invited Vicky and her friend Shaun to their home that evening, knowing the talk would turn to football within five minutes of their meeting.
The surprise went to plan and Papa and Vicky had a really good chinwag.
Since then Vicky has sponsored Peter while Shaun sponsors his twin, Paul. She also organised a collection of Christmas gifts from her colleagues at Atlas, Aberdeen, where she was then working.
Vicky, from Skipton, is now moving to Australia but wanted to see Mama and Papa before she leaves and came over to Blackpool specially.
She brought with her, in a Leeds United carrier bag, Christmas presents for the twins.
The bag, we think, is a bit of a giveway and it may just be that Peter and Paul will be kitted out to join Papa in the Watamu Leeds Supporters Club.
Papa is keeping the carrier for himself!
Vicky's sights are on Australia for now, but she is, in future, planning to volunteer with our family.
Happy travelling, Vicky.