Sunday, 23 September 2012

A visit to Grandma - by Maria

Grandma and Grandpa Yaa, both in their nineties,  from neighbouring Yaa village, are very much a part of the Happy House family and take a great interest in the way our children are growing.
The kids value the friendship of these elders and today's guest blogger, Maria, tells just how much the kids care and share. She also took the photographs.
"Hello from all the Happy House family.
I want to talk about Margaret. Margaret is a very good girl. Every Sunday, Margaret goes to the garden and looks for vegetables for Grandmother Yaa.
Then she goes and gives the vegetables to Grandmother who thanks very much. Margaret loves grandmother very much.
When she goes she is asked "How is Aunt Prisca and the other aunties?" and Margaret tells her.
Then she comes home."
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