Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saumu's birthday

Saumu Safari, one of five children rescued from a life of destitution and neglect, is getting the hang of having a birthday!
I was at the Happy House last year when, for the first time in her young life, she received a birthday present and was just a little bit bewildered by it all.
Now a year on and having watched the excitement of her Happy House brothers  and sisters celebrating their birthdays,  she's absolutely beaming, enjoying the limelight as she receives her gift from Auntie Velma at Kidz Club.
Happy birthday Saumu..
Thank you to everyone who has taken time to vote for our wonderful Mama Sue in the Inspiration Awards for Women. Your votes will count towards the judges final decision. Each of the women shortlisted would make a worthy winner but, of course, we are all desperate for Sue to win. Whatever the outcome we have done our best to get her and her very special family the recognition they deserve. Thank you, again, with lots of love and smiles from all the Happy House family xx