Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Here is the news

As a journalist, it's wonderful for me to see our Happy House kids taking an interest in the world beyond their own immediate space.
Mama Sue has always been insistent that they should know what is making news, in their homeland and internationally.
Uncle Billy says: " Our older kids are developing some keen interest in current affairs which is a positive element of growth. It is interesting to hear them sharing, candidly, what they have gathered from the news as well as watching their favourite music, sport, cartoons and comedy. Local and international.
"They have also been able to follow the Olympics and, now, the Paralympics Games in London.
"Well done kids, knowledge is power and ... the more you know the more you grow."
Pictures: While our older kids are glued to the news on tv, baby Esther sleeps through it and some of our tinies play on absorbed in their own little world!