Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Special moment

Meeting their little friend Amani and his twin brother Baraka was a very special moment for Fiona Lockyer and her daughters, Hebe and Imogen.
The family, from Sutton Coldfield, had been so looking forward to introducing themselves to the baby boy whose sponsor family they have joined.
Fiona, Hebe and Imogen, helped by friends, had collected so many useful things to take with them to the Happy House much to the delight of our whole family.
Apart from clothes and other essential items, they also foumnd room to pack sports equipment and games which  our kids, including star young soccer player, Janet (pictured) are eager to try out.
We have our own soccer team, so could it be a Happy House cricket XI next?
Fiona, Hebe and Imogen have been so excited about their trip to visit our family and to meet Amani, Baraka and their big brother Alex. We hope you all have a lovely time, enjoy being with our kids and make sure you take lots of pictures to share with us, please.
Thank you to all of you for your kindness and wonderful gifts.