Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sifa takes over

From today, every Sunday's blog will be written by one of our Happy House kids and Auntie Libby will be taking a day off!
Today Sifa, 12 , pictured right,  is taking a turn and thanks to him for this this story of family life:
This  is  Janet (above)  she  is  in  the  kitchen  helping  Uncle  Josphat   to  
prepare  bread  and  other things.
She  is  helping  Uncle  Josphat  to cook  for  us  sweet  bread.  She also  helps in washing the  plates  and  weighing  sugar.
She enjoys  and it  makes  her  to be  happy.
Janet  helps  to  cook  tea  for  snacks  and  other   things like  ugali and fish.
The food  which she is  cooking   is  very  nice and we  eat  and  enjoy.