Saturday, 25 August 2012

Clocking on

Our Happy House children live in a world where everything happens to a timetable.
They wake knowing that by the time they are showered and dressed their first meal of the day will soon be ready, then it will be time for school, playtime, lunch and play, lessons, break, lessons and when school ends it's time to change and playout until teatime, more play, quiet time and bed.
Playtime includes homeowrk, helping around the house, kids club, young farmers etc. Weekend are different but still a timetable is in place and there is little need to look at a clock.
Being able to tell the the time is essential in life, so during these school holidays one of the key areas of activity is learning to tell the time. By the end of the holidays we hope that every one of our children, old enough to learn, will be able to tell the time without any trouble.
And so we have added watches to our Christmas wish list . We searched Amazon and found some simple, durable, snap on watches - brightly coloured which the kids will love- with analogue faces. These will be absolutely ideal.
They are under £5 each. So if you would like to send a Christmas gift for our children these would be perfect and you will be helping to consolidate what they have been taught this summer abd ensure they have another valuable lifeskill under their belts!
*Pictured clocking on to a new subject with her teacher is Jane.