Monday, 6 August 2012

Back to school

Sixth form students Charlotte Poulter and Saskia Flower are back in school for their holidays and  are proving a class act as teaching assistants in our Happy House School.
The girls, from London, are spending three weeks volunteering with our family and enjoying every minute.
"We are really enjoying our time, doing everything from looking after the tiny babies, playing with the nursery kids andhelping the older children learn maths and English, CRE, science, Swahili (not very well!), French and social studies," says Saskia.
Charlotte and Saskia (in blue), who are studying at The Harrodian School in London, are also making a list for when they get back to the UK
"We have been making a list of things that we think would be beneficial to the children. They are so well supported here already but we thought we could work towards collecting these few things for them when we get back to the UK."
And as Charlotte will be returning to Watamu with her family at Christmas they will have no trouble getting them to us ... thanks girls we really appreciate everything you are doing for our kids!
"As we are only at the end of our first week, we are only just starting to get to know the ins and outs of the way everything works and get to know the children on a more personal level," says Saskia
"We hope that once we are totally familiar we can perhaps contribute a bit more by organising activities and proposing ideas to make the children's time even more enjoyable."