Friday, 17 August 2012

Christmas is coming ... by the sackful!

The Christmas spirit is positively bubbling over at Mama and Papa's Blackpool apartment.
Never mind that it's only August, we are already packing up parcels of clothes and presents ready to get out to our Happy House family for Christmas.
You are responding so generously to our Christmas Appeal that we are on track to be able to give each of our children a new outfit of clothes, plus a couple of presents.
Santa's fairies, Coral Blackhurst, Lynn Baya Thoya, Elizabeth Gomm  and Sue (Auntie Coral, Auntie Lynn, Auntie Libby and Mama to our kids) got together yesterday to start sorting clothes and gifts into categories, while Papa provided the muscle and packing expertise!
Mama said: "We are overwhelmed and so touched by the way you take our family into your hearts. Everything you donate will bring so much excitement and happiness.
"Every day another parcel arrives, it's like Christmas here every single day!
"You are just so very kind and we thank you so much."
If you would like to donate new clothes (new clothes are very special to our children and Christmas is a special time)  or would like to purchase a gift from Mama's Happy House Christmas Wish List please visit
* Pictured from left: Auntie Coral, Auntie Lynn, Auntie Libby and Mama Sue.