Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Grazie and thank you

Grazie and thank you ... in any language thank you is never enough.
 We are grateful to be on the receiving end of so much kindness from people across the world.
Our children touch so many hearts, and however many times we say thank you to those who help us it will always seem inadequate.
Without you and your support,  Mama Sue could never have achieved her dream of building her Happy House, and now it is you who help our family to flourish and grow, and our Happy House to develop to meet the changing needs of its children.
It is always lovely when people holidaying in Watamu take time out of their break to visit the Happy House. A warm welcome always awaits.
Yesterday Flova Sica , Esther Conte and Donata Duso, from Italy, popped called in to say hello and brought with them a very useful donation of flour plus some other, equally welcome, gifts,
Grazie, Flova, Esther and Duso.

While in the UK, Sharon and Ian Murray and their son Kyle decided to take a day out in Blackpool and to use it as an opportunity to call in on Elizabeth to drop off some beautiful clothes, plus books, dvds and games they have bought for our kids for Christmas.
Sharon, Ian and Kyle,from Southport, have been supporting the Happy House since before it was opened and enjoy following the progress of all the family.
Big thanks to them, too.
*Pictured right are Sharon and Kyle