Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Jobs in jeopardy ..but we have a few years yet!

It looks like our jobs are on the line! Evans is set on becoming  a social worker and running the Happy House (sorry Mama and Uncle Billy), Margaret wants the job of administrator (move over Auntuie Rose) and now the older kids are having lessons on how to blog so Auntie Libz, too, is under threat.
Seriously, we are just delighted that our Happy House kids are growing up with wonderful ambitions and aspirations, and will do everything we can to help them achieve their dreams.
How nice it would be, one day in the distant future, if this current generation of Happy House kids are heading up our family. They are so proud to be Happy House kids and embrace everything it offers to them but also they understand the ethos on which their Mama and Papa founded it.
We will, shortly, be giving our older kids a chance to write the blog one day a week and Uncle Billy has been showing them recent entries and giving them some guidance on what to look out for.
Evans recently took pictures of the kids with their own garden plots for the blog, and Mama wrote to him to congratulate him on his effort - a letter he shared in the blog lesson when his pictures were shown on screen.
Uncle Billy says:"Evans read his letter from Mama and everyone looked envious of his landmark achievements. I am sure there is gonna be lots of competition since they are evidently so interested in it all."